Natalia Sroga

Natalia Sroga serves as a dedicated Physician Assistant injector at Red Carpet Aesthetics, a prominent location for aesthetic care.

With a strong educational background, she earned her Bachelors of Science and Masters of Physician Assistant Studies at Wagner College, situated on Staten Island. A Brooklyn native, where she continues to live, she has successfully built a career as a Physician Assistant over the last 4 years. Her specialization lies in Orthopedic Joint Reconstructive Surgery within New York City.

Natalia’s extensive experience in Orthopedic Surgery has provided her with a profound understanding of anatomy, skin qualities, types, and their healing properties. This expertise has honed her skills in precision and cultivated her aesthetic eye. Her engagement with Aesthetic Medicine for nearly two years has further enhanced her professional development, earning her multiple certifications and trainings. This journey in Aesthetic Medicine allows her to emphasize and augment the natural beauty of her clients.

A moment she cherishes in her practice is the “wow” instant when a client first sees themselves in the mirror after a procedure or treatment. Natalia finds immense joy in offering her clients the opportunity to look and feel their absolute best, instilling in them newfound confidence and empowering them to pursue their dreams and goals.

Natalia’s professional aspirations are far from complete. She is committed to continuous learning of new techniques, treatments, and strategies as the aesthetic industry advances and transforms. Her passion for education is matched by her appreciation for her talented colleagues at Red Carpet Aesthetics. Together, they strive to elevate client care and satisfaction, making Natalia proud and fulfilled to be a part of this innovative team.

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