Olga Chama is all about promoting a beautiful and natural look, ensuring that her clients leave her chair looking authentically themselves, but with a refreshed, subtle, and head-turning glow.

She is passionate about self-care and spends her spare time doing yoga, painting, and writing. Olga deeply values aesthetic medicine, believing it empowers and boosts individuals’ confidence.

Olga might not be the right clinician for those aiming for an overdone, artificial, or frozen appearance. Her medical background gives her a profound respect for natural anatomy and a clear comprehension of the aging process.

She began her medical career in St. Petersburg, Russia, working as a pediatrician. Later, in the USA, Olga worked in pharmaceutical sales while continuing her education to earn her RN license.

With a bachelor’s degree in Biology, a Master’s degree in medicine, and numerous professional certificates in Clinical medical disciplines, Olga has also completed courses in injectable Therapies (Aesthetic Medicine). She is eager to leverage her vast education and experience to provide her clients with the best treatment possible.

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