Sabrina Novak is a Certified Registered Nurse Aesthetic Injector with over three years of experience in injectables.

She has also worked as a Surgical Trauma and Cardiothoracic ICU nurse for four years and is currently attending Nurse Anesthesia School.

Expertise and Training

Sabrina is proficient in Botox and Jeuveau toxins, HA filler collections, and Kybella injections, using both needle and cannula injection techniques. Her experience extends to on/off-label neurotoxin injection techniques including, but not limited to, Chin-tox, Massaters, Bunny lines, and Botox Lip Flip. She has been trained by Allergan and Evolus trainers.

Aesthetic Certifications

Her certifications in the aesthetic field cover areas such as Botox, Jeuveau, Juvederm Filler Collection (including Lips – traditional and Russian lips, Nasolabial Folds, Smoker lines Filler, Marionette Lines, Chin, Jawline, Cheeks, and Fern Technique), and more.

Education and Other Certifications

Sabrina holds a BBA, BS, RN-CCRN, CSC, SRNA, and also has an Allergan Aesthetic Injector Certification, ACLS, and BLS.

Specialty and Approach

Her specialty lies in achieving facial harmony and natural symmetry. Sabrina’s approach is often minimalistic, focusing on enhancing clients’ natural beauty. She loves educating and working closely with all her clients, both male and female, to achieve the better-balanced look they desire. Her commitment to personal care and natural aesthetics sets her apart in her field.

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